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Time-based roll-out by day - Sessions are available for evaluation on a day/time basis. For example, if an attendee logs into the site on day one of a three day conference at 1pm, only the sessions for day one that started prior to 1pm are available. On day two, the sessions for day one and day two are available, etc. This prevents someone from evaluating any sessions before they have started.
Pre/Post test - Attendees can be automatically directed to complete a brief PreTest before moving to the session evaluation portion of the web site. They can also be directed to complete a brief (matching) PostTest after the evaluation portion and prior to receiving their certificate. A PreTest/PostTest comparison report that demonstrates learning outcomes is included with the feature as well as a detailed Item Analysis report.
Reminder emails - Reminder emails can be sent at any time. One example is a reminder email that can be sent to all registrants that have not yet completed their evaluation and/or requested a certificate.
Session reports sent to Speakers - If you wish to make Session reports available to each speaker, Express Evaluations can organize the report links and send the appropriate Session report link to each speaker in an email. The body/text of the email message can be customized.
Follow-up, Outcome survey - Some CME/CE accrediting bodies require evidence of the outcome of the educational activity for reaccreditation. Express Evaluations has designed a service to help with this process. An example is a question such as:
  • "As a result of this educational activity, I will make a change in my practice." Yes/No
  • "If Yes, please describe the change(s) that you plan make:"
  • May we follow up with you at a later date?
Express Evaluations will work with you to set up a follow-up survey several months later. The email survey will remind the respondent of their response and ask them to indicate whether or not the change was implemented. Additional questions can be asked, such as the success of the implementation and any barriers that were encountered. The survey results can then serve as supporting documentation in the application for reaccreditation.
Enduring product crediting/administration - If you plan to package (CD, MP3, Coordinated PowerPoint) and sell individual sessions after the conference, Express Evaluations can set up individual sites for each "product" that include evaluation questions, post-test, and CME/CE certificates. In addition to the session title, date, etc., CME/CE crediting can include a designation for the style of educational activity (live, audio, video, simulation, etc.). You would also have access to individual reporting for each session/site, including crediting detail and item analysis for the post-test.

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