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If you offer any type of professional crediting (i.e. CE, CME, CLE) in association with your event, we can help to streamline that process.

After the attendee completes all evaluation information and confirms that they are ready to receive their certificate, they can download a certificate, in PDF format, showing a session transcript and their total credits. If the attendee does not want to download their certificate to the same computer they are using to evaluate sessions (such as a public access computer), they will have the option to forward their certificate as an attachment to any email address that they designate.

Crediting is automatically calculated based on the value for each session evaluated (claimed). For those who are not seeking credit, but still need a certificate of attendance, such as international attendees, the certificate of attendance can be selected. At that point, the attendee cannot change any of their crediting information. However, they can return to the site for a period of up to 11 months (or up to seven years if requested) and download their certificate at any time.


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