Paper-based Evaluation

We’ll worry about the details while you
focus on the bigger issues of your conference.

What do you want to know about your Conferences and Seminars?
Do you need to evaluate the quality and relevance of the educational sessions?
Do you need to determine the effectiveness and possible commercial bias of the presenters?
Do you need to collect demographic information on attendees?
Would you like to know the attendees’ overall impression of the conference, including logistics and the overall quality of the lodging and meals?
It can also include calculation of medical/professional education credits and certificate issuance.
Under your direction, we can create the evaluation forms necessary to gather attendee information and design the most effective report styles to assess your conference.

You will have your results in time to provide
feedback to your presenters and planners.

The staff at Express Evaluations has been serving the association community since 1992. We will work with you to design a set of evaluation forms that enable you to capture the information you need at the lowest overall cost.

For conferences with multiple concurrent educational sessions, you may select individual customized evaluations for each session or you can incorporate all elements of the conference (demographics, CE crediting, overall satisfaction) into a single evaluation booklet. The convenience of our scanning process allows for multiple types of marking instruments; pens and pencils of any dark color work just fine.

The annual conference/meeting is often the busiest time of the year for your organization’s staff. We go the extra mile by caring for the printing, packing, and shipping of the evaluations. Since almost any standard paper and ink will work, those last minute speaker/session changes can normally be cared for with a quick trip to your conference business center.

After the conference, our experienced staff and modern processing center allow us to quickly and accurately provide the information that you need to assess your conference and plan for the next one. Which sessions should be offered next year? Were the conference materials appropriate? Which speakers should be invited back? Is there a problem with the commercial bias of some presenters? How was the keynote speaker received? Were the location and the facility appropriate? Did I get a good response rate on the evaluations?

Once we have delivered your desired reports, we provide you with all of your conference archival information (evaluation forms, reports, certificates, and scanned evaluations) in a convenient CD format.

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