Excellent summary of hemoglobinapathies overall, especially thalassemias - perhaps more emphasis on sickle cell would be helpful.
Presentation was mumbled (...uh...uh...uh...uh...). Too much content presented for a single lecture with respect to the frequency of these topic questions on the board exam. I suggest splitting thal and hemoglobinopathies into 2 lectures. Distinction between HPFH and delta beta thal is always on the board exam - often focusing on the cellular distribution of HbF in red cells (i.e. F cells). Where was this. These topics are particularly important as most fellows will have marginal exposure to hemoglobinopathies and minimal experience with thalassemia. The presenter could have explained the content better for understanding (instead of saying there just is not enough time to cover this topic).
Greater emphasis and clarity on high yield ABP contents specification is indefinably missing from this talk.
excellent session
wonderful clarification on thal subsets.
Good content, spoke very fast at times
Very well presented. Made this a very easy field to understand!
I think the thalassemia portion of this lecture was excellent. I do feel that sickle cell disease really does warrant its own session.
explained things well
hard topic...did a great job. needs bigger lettering on slides
Great presenation - well formatted with relavent information
Great talk. Would like him to speak a bit louder since sometimes he speaks a bit fast and tone lowers at the end of the sentence and I cannot hear well at the back of the room. Great flow diagrams/charts.
Lots of informaiton presented. Good lecture.
Well done. Some areas were rapidly covered and I felt lost but re-review of the material helped.
very nice talk and great clinical relevance.
Dr. Quinn did a great job, I just worry that it was not in depth enough for the boards, given the SITE exams.
Very helpful for the boards and in practice
Great lecture! Very organized, highly recommended
Great style of presentation. Simple and logical. The interlaced humor kept me awake and grabbed my attention.
great review. very well laid out
Worried there was a little too much covered in one lecture. I think it forced some oversimplifications and rushing.
way too simplistic to be useful clinically, but probably about what we need to know "for the test"
Excellent session - clear and well structured with lots of graphs for visual learners like myself
Useful information presented in a monotonous way!
well organized, covered relevant info, good presentation
granted, a difficult subject matter, but i found myself more confused after the lecture than before. perhaps it just didn't quite meld with my conceptualization of the subject.
The newborn screening portion was very helpful.
Made thalassemia more complex than necessary; Wanted to hear (briefly) about the management changes in the upcoming NIH Sickle Cell Guidelines
Sorry for saying this, but the speaker was very distracting. Hand motions, tone (almost speaking down to the audience), cadence and modulation drove me nuts. Slides were great, though. I would ask someone else to present this material - you know lots of great sickle cell docs who are great speakers.